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SEO means search engine optimization, it is the process of getting traffic from the free,organic,editorial,or natural search results on search engine. Before moving on to the SEO we need to know more about the Google as well as its history and evolution. Google has started in the year 1998, September 4 by Larry Page & sergy Brin.The main three process of Google are:

  •  crawling 
  •  caching
  •  Indexing 

crawling is like scanning, when new pages are updated to Google, it crawl or scan he newly updated page and search for the new things on the page. After the searching process, it takes the snapshot of the data and store in the database. Depending on the content of the data, data are storing in the DB. Next process is caching, caching can be explained in very simple words, taking the snapshot and saves the data to related database. Indexing means, when the users are searching their needed data in Google, the contents that display in the Google is from the DB, where the data are stored. In the earlier time due to the insufficiency of information Google has collected data from the different websites. The persons who control the website are called as webmasters .
Two optimizations of SEO are

  •  on page optimization
  •   off page optimization 
Earlier time Google was niche specific. Niche specific means content specific. Google go through the content of the document given in the website. Niche specific documents were considered as the top positioned document. Due to the introduction of niche specific the webmasters has started a process called keyword stuffing. But Google considered it’s as a spamming activity. Google classifieds search engine analysts as two types-WHITE HAT SEO and BLACK HAT SEO. Those who do ethical activities are called white hat seo & those who involved in spamming activities are called black hat seo. Due to Keyword stuffing Google has changed from niche specific to link specific. They had introduced link specific by making some changes in the algorithm of search engine. Afterwards link specific was replaced as Quality link specific. But again due to the spamming activities Google were forced to changes their policies again. Then Google has introduced Page Rank.Those website has more pagerank that website were considered as Quality link specific. Another mechanism were introduced by the Google, Passing the juice. In 2009, based on user’s response Google determined the page rank of the website. In 2010 Google has implemented social media signal.

Updations of google

  •  Google panda

google panda update
In order to make a control over the spamming activities in 2011 February 23 Google has introduced Google Panda. It find out the spammers and punish them by removing from the website. In 2014 May 19 panda 4 version has released. Panda 4 were added as a permanent filter in Google search engine. Google Panda has another name Google farmer. Google panda has eliminate those website which has content duplication, content which has low quality, page which has spelling & grammar mistakes,and content spinning. The documents which has deleted by the panda will be stored in Sand Box . Sand box is considered as a temporary storing area. Google has introduced Digital Millennium Copyright Act. If a person copied our contents or images, we can make a complaint against them by DMCA.

  • Google Penguin

google penguin updateIn April 2012 a new updation were implemented by the google was PENGUIN updation. It is related to link spamming. For the recovery of neglected documents Google presented a tool called Disavow tool .

Related to DMCA another updation done by google was Pirate in August 10, 2014. In 2014, october Pirate 2 was established.

An another updation has done by google was EMD(Exact Match Domain)in september 2014.

  •    Humming bird updation
 In August  another updation made by google was Humming bird updationIts a semantic search mechanism. It provides deep knowledge about the specific content to the users. It made a lot of changes in Quality of search engine.
 In 2014, Rankbrain updation has done by google as very next version of Humming bird updation. By using artificial intelligence,
google itself providing result.

  • Google Pigeon updation

google pigeon update
 In 2014, google has introduced Pigeon updation. Its related to local SEO.

In April 22, 2015 "Mobilegeddon" has implemented, to make mobile friendly with the websites.

In May12, 2016 very next version Mobile friendly were established.

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